Buying the right truck for you can be difficult, especially when you have to take into account towing! Sure, you want the luxury of a nice pickup, but if it can’t tow the trailer you need, then what is the point? Because of that, to simplify your life, we spent hours scouring the internet to figure out what each truck can tow, and split them up into different classes! This includes finding pickups that can tow over 4,000 pounds, 7,000 pounds, 8,000 pounds, and onwards.

As you read through this article, we did our best to give you the best idea of what each pickup with different engine options offers for towing capacity, however you should keep in mind that different options on each pickup can affect the towing capacity of the truck you are ordering, so make sure to pay attention to that!

Without more to do, let’s dig into all the pickups, what they can tow, and even which ones are our personal favorites in each class!

What pickups can tow 4,000 pounds?

Our Choice: Ford Maverick

While the Ford Maverick may have the lowest tow rating on the list of vehicles that can tow around 4,000 pounds, it is also my favorite of the options! Ford knocked it out of the park with this crossover-based pickup.

It mixes urban needs for small, nimble, and fun to drive, with the rural needs of having a bed to take things around with you. I already see plenty of businesses utilizing these characteristics on a day-to-day basis.

TruckTowing Capacity (lbs)Engine
Chevrolet Silverado 15006,8002.7L Turbo
Ford Maverick4,0002.0L EcoBoost
Honda Ridgeline5,0003.5L V6
Hyundai Santa Cruz5,0002.5L Turbo
Toyota Tacoma6,4003.5L V6

What can you tow that is around 4,000 to 6,999 pounds?

One of the most common trailers in this section of weight is the pop-up camper! These can range from 2,000 to 4,500 pounds. They can be a blast to get out on the road and have a ton of fun.

Another trailer that is commonly found in this weight range is a smaller utility trailer that many people use to move items from one place to another. All of the trucks in the list above should do an awesome job! Just make sure to keep in mind that the weight of items you put into the trailer also added to the trailer weight for your vehicle.

What pickups can tow 7,000 pounds?

Our Choice: Ram 1500

Credit: Stellantis

I am extremely impressed with the pickups that Ram has been selling lately! In 2019 they released the newest generation of the 1500 series, and this was a massive leap forward in both the interior of the vehicle (its selling point), but also exterior and capability.

Three years later (at the time of this writing), other brands are still trying to catch up to the quality that this truck has. Sure, there are other great pickups on this list, but the Ram 1500 stands above as the best of the best in this lot. That said, you won’t find the F-150 in this list, as it can tow more, and is found on the next list (and the one after) down (as the winner of its group).

TruckTowing Capacity (lbs)Engine
Chevrolet Colorado7,0003.6L V6
7,7002.8L Duramax
Chevrolet Silverado 15007,9004.3L V6 Engine
Ford Range7,5002.3L EcoBoost
GMC Canyon7,7003.6L V6
7,7002.8L Duramax
GMC Hummer EV7,5003 Electric Motor
GMC Sierra 15007,9004.3L EcoTec3 V-6
Jeep Gladiator7,6503.6L Pentastar
Nissan Frontier6,7203.8L V6
Ram 15007,7303.6L Pentastar

What can you tow that is around 7,000 to 7,999 pounds?

Trailers in this weight class will be things like a loaded flatbed trailer, a camper, a large travel trailer and more. These will be trailers meant mainly for hobbies, but can also be trailers you would find on a worksite as well.

What pickups can tow 8,000 pounds?

Our Choice: Ford F-150

It is not a secret that I enjoy Ford products. I feel like lately, they have been selling some of the best, and most innovative products on the market today (or at least of the big 3). The newest F-150 is a great example of this. It is packed with features, has an updated look, and yet somehow manages to hold on to that pickup truck feel.

This pickup is great for towing, but also has some great features including a fold-out table, and a fold-away shifter in the center console! Want a quick nap? You can lean the front seats back.

TruckTowing Capacity (lbs)Engine
Chevrolet 15009,3003.0L Turbo-Diesel
GMC Sierra 15009,2002.7L Turbo
9,3003.0L Duramax
9,9005.3L V8 AFM
Ford F-1508,2003.3L V6

What can you tow that is around 8,000 to 9,999 pounds?

This would also be just like what we have talked about before. It would be heavier version of flatbed trailers, more items on the trailers, and heavier campers.

What pickups can tow 10,000 pounds?

Our Choice: Ford F-150

Yes, I know, this one is the last category as well, however, these are just awesome vehicles! In this category, it by far is the F-150 with the PowerBoost. With the newest generation of F-150, they released this version of the truck, which features the first hybrid powertrain. Not only does it help with power and gas mileage, but it also can utilize the battery system as a generator.

You can easily power your campsite, worksite tools and so many other things (even a toaster if you so wanted). I do like this pickup, and I think it easily wins out this category.

If you wanted to go full-electric, the Lightning variant is also a great option as well!

TruckTowing Capacity (lbs)Engine
Chevrolet Silverado 150011,0005.3L V8
13,4006.2L V8
Chevrolet Silverado 250014,5006.6L V8
Ford F-15010,1002.7L Turbo V6
12,0003.0L Turbo Diesel
12,7003.5L PowerBoost Hybrid
13,0005.0L V8
14,0003.5L EcoBoost
Ford F-150 Lightning10,0002 Electric Motors
GMC Sierra 150011,3005.3L V8
11,8006.2L V8
Nissan Titan11,0605.6L V8
Ram 150011,6105.7L Hemi V8
12,5603.0L Diesel
12,7505.7L Hemi eTorque
Rivian R1T11,0004 Electric Motors
Toyota Tundra11,1203.5L Twin-Turbo V6

What can you tow that is around 10,000 to 14,999 pounds?

If you are someone that likes to go out boating, tow around a car on a trailer, take a 5th wheel out camping or more, you might want to consider one of these trucks for your activity! This is your general truck class, which is why you are finding so many trucks on our list.

What is the smallest truck that can tow 10,000 lbs?

If you are on the hunt for a pickup truck that can tow over 10,000 pounds, but are hoping to stay on the smaller end of thing, you should consider a Toyota Tundra. This is a mid-size pickup that can still haul well over that 10,000 pounds that you are hoping to achieve.

Another smaller pickup, would be the Rivian R1T! This is an all-electric pickup with tons of capability, including an impressive towing capacity.

What pickups can tow 15,000 pounds?

Our Choice: Ram 3500

Credit: Stellantis

Now that we are getting into the 15,000 pounds range, these pickups are starting to get serious! They all tend to ride a bit rougher, and are going to be a little bit more utilitarian. However, the pickup that stands out as my favorite is the Ram 3500 with the 6.7L Turbo-Diesel. This is an incredible engine, with great power, capability, and reliability.

Mix that with a luxurious interior (and exterior), and you have one of the best pickups in this class of towing. I highly recommend testing one of these out for yourself to see if it will work!

TruckTowing Capacity (lbs)Engine
Chevrolet Silverado 350017,3706.6L V8
Chevrolet Silverado 250018,5006.6L Turbo-Diesel V8
Ford F-25015,0006.2L V8
15,0007.3L V8
20,0006.7L V8 Turbo-Diesel
Ford F-35021,0007.3L V8
GMC Sierra 250018,5006.6L V8
Ram 250017,5406.4L V8 Hemi
20,0006.7L Turbo-Diesel
Ram 350022,6706.7L Turbo-Diesel

What can you tow that is around 15,000 to 29,999 pounds?

These trucks are the real work trucks, and are generally in the 2500 and 3500 class! Most people don’t own these vehicles just for play, unless they have a large camper trailer (5th wheel), or they need to carry heavy cargo, or even life stock. You will find these trucks on ranches, worksites and more to carry the heavy loads they need.

What pickups can tow 30,000 pounds?

Our Choice: Ford F-350

At 30,000 pounds, you are at the top of the heap! And with that said, you can’t go wrong with the F-350. This incredible pickup can tow up to 37,000 pounds and does it with ease. The styling of the pickup is awesome, and it is perfect for those that have gooseneck trailers to haul from a to b, or across the country.

TrucksTowing Capacity (lbs)Engine
Chevrolet Silverado 350036,0006.6L Turbo-Diesel V8
Ford F-35037,0006.7L Turbo-Diesel V8
GMC Sierra 350036,0006.6L Turbo-Diesel V8
Ram 350037,0906.7L HO Turbo-Diesel I6

What can you tow that is over 30,000 pounds?

A truck that can tow 30,000 pounds is needed for the hardest of tasks! These are meant to carry things like Yachts, huge cattle trailers, multiple vehicles on a trailer, gooseneck flatbeds, and more. These are extremely expensive trucks, as they need to be built to carry these heavy duty items, and you generally wan’t find these in personal use.

What can electric trucks tow?

Electric pickups are still on their way towards popularity! There aren’t many on the road yet, not because people don’t want them, but because the manufacturers can’t build them fast enough. Thankfully these pickups can still tow! While it is still up in the air on whether they can maintain that towing capacity for very long, they are still an option.

Here are the electric pickups on the market, and what they are able to tow! I also did add them into the post earlier, but this is better for a glance.

TruckTowing Capacity (lbs)Motor Count
GMC Hummer EV7,5003 Electric Motors
Ford F-150 Lightning10,0002 Electric Motors
Rivian R1T11,0004 Electric Motors


When it comes to towing, pickup trucks are some of the best vehicles for the job. There are a variety of pickups that can tow different levels of trailers, so it is important to know how much your trailer weighs and what pickup truck can tow it. We hope this article has been helpful in finding the right pickup truck for your needs!