While Jaguar has long been known for their sports cars, they have slowly moved towards more profitable endeavors, such as larger sedans and SUVs, with more substantial margins. That has left only one sports car in their lineup, consisting of three trim levels (six if you consider a coupe and convertible as other trims)! That sports car is the F-Type and is a compelling option if you want a luxury coupe.

In this article, I’ll discuss each trim level and give you my opinion on which one I would buy if I were in the market today!

What is the Jaguar F-Type?

The F-Type has existed since 2011 (and back to 2000 in concept form) and was meant to replace the Jaguar XK. While there has only been a single generation so far of the F-Type, there was a refresh in 2019 to sharpen up the lines on the front end to give it a more modern and aggressive look. It has been offered in AWD (perfect for grand touring) and RWD setups and is sold in manual and automatic configurations.

The Jaguar F-Type has always been a front-engine car featuring a long nose, and a shorter back, making for the typical GT (grand-touring) car.

Let’s go through all the trim levels Jaguar offers for this sports car and go from there!

1. F‑Type R‑Dynamic

The R-Dynamic trim level of the F-Type would be considered its entry-level option. While the R-Dynamic features the same 5.0L Supercharged V8 as its higher-end trim counterparts, in this application, it makes a still impressive 444 horsepower and a 4.4 second 0-60 time. It has 20″ wheels, sports seats, heated seats, and a Meridian sound system. Of course, it can also be optioned to have a convertible or a hard top.

1. F‑Type 75

This trim level takes everything from the R-Dynamic trim level and upgrades the wheels to a completely different style and a gloss-black finish. You will also find considerably more leather, a blacked-out interior, and premium cabin lighting.

2. F‑Type R75

This would be considered the performance trim level! While it may still have the same 5.0L supercharged V8 from the previous trim levels, Jaguar has been able to eke out more horsepower, pushing out 575 hp in this application. You will also find upgraded 20″ wheels with a 10-spoke design, red brake calipers, and more to create a more sporty appearance. Of course, these upgrades have a cost to them, being around $40K more than the base R-Dynamic.

Which F-Type would I buy?

While the F-Type may be the only sports car Jaguar produces, it is impressive! These fast sports cars sound fantastic and offer plenty of luxury. That said, I would opt for the R-Dynamic trim level. 

While you may lose out on horsepower from the R75, and the luxury features of the standard 75, it makes up for it by saving you tens of thousands when you purchase. I would buy the base model and purchase better aftermarket wheels (the stock wheels aren’t my favorite).


While the F-Type may not be the most popular sports car, and most likely have forgotten it exists in Jaguar’s lineup, it’s a compelling vehicle with an impressive price point if you are someone that wants something more unique than a BMW, Mercedes, or Audi and want to be mistaken for Italian sports cars (yes, I mistake Jaguars for Ferraris quite often, as their headlights look similar at a distance) than an F-Type might be a fantastic option for you.