When you have a family of 5, finding the right vehicle can be a daunting task. There are so many different makes and models on the market, how do you know which one is right for your family? We have put together a list of the eight best vehicles for families of 5. These cars offer plenty of room, comfort, and safety for your family!

What will you not find on this list? Vehicles that, yes, have 5 seats… however they won’t fit your family comfortably (no one wants to bump elbows in that 10-hour road trip), and won’t fit all of the gear that your family has. You also won’t find any minivans, you aren’t there quite yet.

What will you find on this list? Awesome vehicles that can fit all 5 passengers comfortably, with what gear is needed, and are great all-around vehicles that are reliable and high quality.

1. Kia Telluride – Best All-Around

Ever since Kia released the Telluride, it felt like it was going to be an instant success, and well, it was. While other manufacturers have been catching up to its more muscular design (see Ford), it still is becoming more popular and selling more, even as it gets to be older.

The Kia Telluride is an excellent choice for a family car. It has plenty of space for five people, plus it comes with a variety of features that make it perfect for busy families. The rear seat entertainment system is great for long car rides, and the heated seats and steering wheel keep everyone comfortable on cold days.

The Telluride is also packed with safety features, including blind spot detection and lane keeping assist. And for families who like to travel, the Telluride’s impressive towing capacity (up to 5000 pounds) means you can bring along all your gear. Whether you’re running errands around town, taking a quick off-road day off, or taking a cross-country road trip, the Kia Telluride is the perfect car for your family.

2. Mitsubishi Outlander – Best Budget Vehicle

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a great budget vehicle for a family of 5, with its third row and MSRP of just $26,995. Its spacious interior and comfortable seating make it a perfect car for long road trips, and the built-in entertainment system will keep everyone entertained.

The Outlander also has plenty of storage space for luggage and groceries. Plus, the SUV’s available all-wheel drive makes it ideal for driving in snow or on other off-road surfaces. And with its affordable price tag, the Outlander is a great option for families on a budget. So if you’re looking for a versatile and affordable SUV, the Mitsubishi Outlander is the perfect choice for your family.

3. Lexus LX – Best Luxury Vehicle

The Lexus LX is an awesome luxury vehicle for a family of 5 because of its many features that provide comfort, convenience, and safety. The spacious cabin has plenty of room for everyone to stretch out and relax, and the heated seats and steering wheel keep everyone warm on chilly mornings.

The infotainment system keeps everyone entertained with its many programs and apps, and the wireless charging pads keep everyone’s devices charged. The intuitive safety features provide peace of mind on long trips, and the sleek design turns heads wherever you go.

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious ride to the airport, an extremely reliable daily driver, or a comfortable cruiser for a weekend getaway, the Lexus LX is the perfect choice for your family. Thanks to its many features, the Lexus LX is an awesome luxury vehicle for a family of 5.

4. Alpina XB7 – Best Sporty Vehicle

If a performance SUV, that not everyone is aware of, the Alpina XB7 is what you are looking for. This is a performance version of the BMW X7, and is an incredible feat of engineering. With 612 horsepower, and a 4 second zero to sixty, this full-size SUV will push all five of you into your seats.

It has plenty of room for everyone to sit comfortably, and the seats are adjustable so that everyone can find their perfect position. The XB7 also has a large cargo area, making it easy to store all of your family’s gear. Plus, the XB7 comes with a variety of safety features including blind spot monitoring, to help keep your family safe on the road.

And finally, the XB7 is fun to drive, with its powerful engine and sharp handling. So if you’re looking for the best sporty vehicle for your family, the Alpina XB7 is the perfect choice.

5. Jeep Grand Wagoneer – Most Usable Vehicle

2023 Grand Wagoneer [Image courtesy of Stellantis]

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer is the perfect vehicle for a family of five. This is the largest SUV from Jeep, you know it has plenty of room for everyone to sit comfortably, and the cargo area is large enough to accommodate all of the family’s gear.

The Grand Wagoneer also has a number of useful features that make it easy to use. For example, the split-folding rear seat makes it easy to load and unload cargo, and the heated front seats keep everyone warm on cold days.

The Grand Wagoneer also has a number of safety features that make it an ideal choice for a family vehicle. These include a backup camera, lane departure warning, and automatic high beams. All of these features combine to make the Grand Wagoneer the most usable vehicle for a family of five.

6. Jeep Grand Cherokee L – Best Off-Road Vehicle

2023 Jeep® Grand Cherokee L Overland [Image courtesy of Stellantis]

If you’re looking for an off-road vehicle that can handle any terrain and accommodate a family of five, the Jeep Grand Cherokee L is the perfect choice. With three rows of seating and plenty of space for luggage, the Grand Cherokee L has everything you need for a comfortable road trip. And when the pavement ends, you’ll be glad to have the Grand Cherokee L’s four-wheel drive and high clearance.

Whether you’re tackling a rocky trail or crossing a river, the Grand Cherokee L will get you there safely. So if you’re looking for an off-road vehicle that can do it all, the Jeep Grand Cherokee L is the perfect choice.

I have personally been very impressed with the Grand Cherokee L, as I had low expectations when I saw that it was just an evolutionary design over the last generation, however its improvements have grown on me, and it really is an incredible vehicle.

7. Ford 150 SuperCrew – Best Pickup Truck

The Ford F-150 SuperCrew is the best pickup truck for a family of five. It has a comfortable, spacious cabin that can seat up to six adults (not just five), and it offers a wide range of features that will keep everyone entertained on long drives.

It also has a large cargo area that can easily accommodate all of the family’s gear, plus a towing capacity of up to 11,300 pounds. And for families who need to be able to go off-road, the SuperCrew comes with an available four-wheel drive system. All of these features make the SuperCrew the ideal pickup truck for families who need a vehicle that can do it all.

It should also be mentioned that the rear floor is completely flat, so that the middle passenger can sit normally, and the vehicle is wide enough so that elbows are not pushing against each-other. That is why this is the only non-three-row vehicle on this list that I approve of!

8. Rivian R1S – Best Electric Vehicle for a Family of Five

The Rivian R1S is by far the best electric vehicle for a family of five. It has plenty of space for everyone, including a third row (one of the few electric vehicles that can) that can accommodate two additional passengers. The R1S also has a large cargo area in the front and back that can be used to store luggage or groceries.

Rivian is making some awesome vehicles right now, and the R1S is following up on the R1T’s success by being essentially the same vehicle, but with an SUV rear end instead.

That said, the R1T is an awesome pickup, even outside of its electrified drivetrain. I would say the only big drawback to the R1S over the R1T is the lack of the gear tunnel behind the back door. However, since you have a full cargo area in the front and back, I am not too worried about that.

Why are sedans not great for a family of five?

While sedans may be a popular choice for families, they are not always the best option for a family of five. One reason for this is that sedans typically have less legroom than SUVs or even full-size pickups. This can be cramped for a family of five, especially if the children are teenagers or adults. There is always that one person that has to sit in the middle back seat (with their feet on top of the transmission tunnel), which results in all three passengers not feeling super comfortable.

In addition, sedans often have smaller trunks, making it difficult to fit all of the family’s luggage. Sure, you technically can fit five passengers into most sedans (you should at least get a full-size sedan), but what you can’t do is fit all of their stuff as well.

Why are minivans not great for a family of five?

Minivans have long been a popular choice for families with young children. They offer plenty of space for car seats and strollers, and the sliding doors make it easy to load and unload passengers. However, with a family of five, you aren’t quite to the point where you need to have a minivan.

Minivans are large vehicles, and they will offer tons of features that don’t quite make sense for the average 5 person family. Instead, a 3-row SUV tends to be the better option, until the sixth family member arrives, then it might make sense to switch.


When it comes to choosing a vehicle for a family of five, there are many factors to consider. You’ll need to decide what size and type of vehicle is best for your family, and you’ll also need to think about your budget. However, with so many great options on the market, you’re sure to find the perfect vehicle for your family’s needs.

Do you have a family of five? What type of vehicle do you drive? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.