Some massive vehicles are on the market today, and many are luxury vehicles! From the top-end Bentleys and Rolls-Royces to the more entry-level Buicks, there is a heavy, 6000 pounds luxurious ride for anyone.

We split this article into three sections: luxury vehicles over 6,000 pounds, over 7,000 pounds, and luxury vehicles over 10,000 pounds! Each of these vehicles is measured in Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), which these vehicles weigh with everything in them, including passengers.

1. Complete List of Luxury Vehicles Over 6,000 Pounds

Best Luxury Vehicle Over 6,000 Pounds
Audi RS Q8
The Audi RS Q8 is a fantastic and fast luxury SUV! Based on the same platform as the Lamborghini Urus, the RSQ8 retains the same engine (a 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8) and offers up 591 horsepower and a 0-60 of 3.2 seconds. Of course, this 6,647-pound SUV also offers advanced features such as a 12.3 cockpit screen, 3D cameras, and adaptive cruise control.
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VehicleGross Vehicle Weight Rating
(GVWR) in Pounds
Ford F-150 Platinum6,010
Ram 1500 Limited6,010
Jeep Grand Cherokee6,050
Buick Enclave6,160
BMW X56,162
Rolls-Royce Wraith6,195
Porsche Cayenne6,239
BMW X66,243
Tesla Model X6,250
Lamborghini Urus6,338
Lincoln Aviator6,360
Audi Q76,393
Land Rover Defender6,415
Audi Q86,471
Rolls-Royce Ghost6,540
Bentley Flying Spur6,570
Audi SQ86,581
Lexus GX4606,600
BMW X5 M6,614
BMW X6 M6,614
Mercedes G-Wagon6,614
Audi RSQ86,647
Mercedes-Benz EQS-Class6,672
GMC Sierra 1500 Denali6,700
BMW iX6,867
Range Rover Discovery6,875
Audi SQ76,945

2. Complete List of Luxury Vehicles Over 7,000 Pounds

Best Luxury Vehicle Over 7,000 Pounds
Bentley Bentayga
The Bentley Bentayga is a fantastic and over-the-top luxurious SUV. While this may still be the first generation Bentayga, many advancements have been made on this SUV that started the Ultra-Luxury SUV craze that also brought us vehicles like the Lamborghini Urus and, more recently, the Ferrari Purosangue. At 7,165 pounds, you get a 6.0L W12 Twin-Turbo engine under the hood, an eight-speed transmission, and a clock option that costs an extra $230,000. That said, a used Bentayga can now be for under $140,000. Or you could get the clock, whichever.
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VehicleGross Vehicle Weight Rating
(GVWR) in Pounds
Bentley Mulsanne7,055
Audi e-tron7,066
Range Rover Sport7,095
Bentley Bentayga7,165
Rolls-Royce Cullinan7,253
Infiniti QX807,300
Lincoln Navigator7,350
Lexus LX5707,385
Cadillac Escalade7,400
GMC Yukon Denali7,400
Jeep Grand Wagoneer7,400
GMC Yukon XL Denali7,500
Ford F-150 Lightning8,250
Rivian R1T8,532

3. Complete List of Luxury Vehicles Over 10,000 Pounds

Best Luxury Vehicle Over 10,000 Pounds
GMC Hummer EV
The Hummer has been revived! This time, it foregoes the terrible gas mileage (and reputation), is placed under the GMC brand, and is now wholly electric and heavy. At 10,550 pounds (GVWR), the GMC Hummer EV utilizes a 3-motor drivetrain that can push out over 1,000 horsepower, catapulting this truck to 60 miles per hour in just 3 seconds. This is a 10,550-pound vehicle, going faster than supercars.
  • Horsepower: 1000
  • Torque: 11,500
  • GVWR: 10,550
  • MSRP: $108,700
  • Range: 343 miles (552 km)
  • 0 - 60: 3.3 seconds
  • Towing Capacity: 7,500 pounds
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There is only one luxury vehicle over 10,000 pounds, and that is the new Hummer EV. It of course is also our only choice, making it our favorite as well, although that by no means is a bad thing.

VehicleGross Vehicle Weight Rating
(GVWR) in Pounds
GMC Hummer EV10,550

Why are luxury vehicles so heavy?

Now, you will notice that there are quite a few different luxury vehicles on this list; they make up a good portion of all cars that are over 6,000 pounds. So why are they so heavy?

1. Sound deadening and insulation

Rolls-Royce famously added so much sound deadening to their car that it caused passengers to lose that connection to the road and made them car sick. That should give us a good idea of how much sound deadening is added to these luxury vehicles and is a significant component in adding so much heft to these vehicles.

2. Tons of features

Luxury vehicles are generally the first ones that find the newest features! Then these features are refined, become cheaper, and can be utilized in other, less expensive vehicles. You can thank luxury vehicles for the prominence of features like heated seats, massaging seats, heads-up displays, and more. However, all of these features weight to them, and since luxury vehicles tend to have them, it plays into their weight a lot.

3. Bigger engines

Luxury vehicles tend to enjoy naturally aspirated engines! However, to get to the horsepower they are also hoping for, they need extra cylinders, which results in more weight. For example, you will commonly see W12 engines, V12 engines, and more in these massive vehicles.

4. More metal & leather

With larger vehicles come more sheet metal and more material overall. Every body panel added and every stitch in the fabric adds weight to a vehicle, and luxury vehicles have a lot of that.

5. Safety features

Luxury vehicles often come standard with various safety features that non-luxury vehicles do not. These are generally industry-leading features that slowly trickle down to everyday cars. Features like lane keep assist, new infotainment centers, and more all started in luxury vehicles, and this technology is usually larger in its infancy, making luxury vehicles heavier.


I hope this article helped you find the most comprehensive information about luxury vehicles weighing over 6,000 pounds GVWR! Keep an eye on the site for more details that might help you out.